Netizens Stirred Up By f(x) Victoria Song’s Latest Update

She was seen pecking her co-star, Wang Xiao Chen.

Get Your Tissues Ready — Here’s What Suga and J-Hope Said In Their Korean Rap Verses For BTS’s “I’ll Be Missing You” Cover

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BTS’s Jin Is About To Become An Uncle — He Was Even Asked To Name The Baby

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ATEEZ’s “Fireworks”, “Dreamers”, And More Played At The Olympics, And ATINYs Are Screaming

ATEEZ is going to be a worldwide famous group someday soon!

“Alice” Actress Kim Hee Sun Reveals Why She’s Concerned About Her Daughter Being A Jungkook-Biased BTS Stan

Do you agree with her concerns, or is she overreacting?

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British Rock Legend Sting Shouts Out BTS For Their “I’ll Be Missing You” Cover


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