SHINee’s Taemin Accidentally Promoted SuperM & The Members’ Reactions Were Priceless

Classic SHINee antics 😂

Former Momoland Member, Yeonwoo Creates Speculation After Cryptic Instagram Post

“I hated you and I really resented you.”

BLACKPINK’s Rosé Breaks International Preorder Record In Just 12 Hours

Just imagine the records she’ll break once the album releases.

KBS To Reportedly Drop Ji Soo As Lead Actor Of Drama “River Where the Moon Rises”

They are trying to search for his replacement.

6 Reasons Why BTS Deserves To Win A GRAMMY Award In 2021

“Dynamite” is nominated. Here’s why it should win.

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Even BTS’s Staff Can’t Handle Jimin And Jungkook’s Chaotic Energy

She’s one of us.

Here Are 5 K-Pop Idols Who Are Breaking Gender Norms

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BTS’s Suga Accidentally Made All Hell Break Loose On “Run BTS!”

They almost drowned!

BTS Blesses Fans With A New Workout Video Just Because They Can

Time to hit the gym!

Park Bom Recently Moved To A House On Ganghwa Island For The Sake Of Her Career

That’s some serious devotion!

BLACKPINK’s Rosé Drops Title Track Name Of Her Solo Debut Album

Her debut is getting closer!

KBS Drama “River Where the Moon Rises” Cancels Filming And Are Discussing Whether To Replace Ji Soo

They are discussing replacing Ji Soo.

Here Are The 5 Most Popular K-Pop Dancers Each Year Over The Last Decade

The three most popular over the decade are all from the same group.

BTS’s Jin Takes Fans Behind The Scenes Of Practice, Mukbangs, And More In Latest “BE Log”

Follow his daily life during work and relaxation!

Sunmi Had The Cutest Reaction To A Female Fan Asking To Date Her

We stan an “LGBT Queen”!

SHINee’s Minho Lovingly Explains To A Little Girl Why The Group Has 4 Members

They are so good with kids.

YouTuber Daniel Howell Is A K-Pop Stan And Loves SHINee

His iconic emo hair was actually inspired by a K-Pop idol 😲

Meet The Control Bureau’s Handsome Henchmen From “Sisyphus: The Myth”

Bad never looked so good.

EXO’s Kai Dishes On How His Fans Are The Reason For The Cute Bears In His Capsule Collection With GUCCI

“Isn’t it cute? It’s cute.”

HyunA Cried From How Her Backup Dancers Stood By Her During A Stage Accident

“I still get goosebumps.”

11 Things Ateez Said That Seemed Like Fake Subtitles But Were 100% Accurate

No, they really said that!

BTS’s Jimin And V Receive “President’s Award” From Global Cyber University 

They are at the top of their 2020 class.

MONSTA X Has Returned With New Moves In A TikTok Challenge Rematch

I.M twerking and Joohoney hitting the quan. 🕺Need we say more?

Agency Provides Update On Park Hye Su’s Alleged Bullying Issue And Refutes Claims With Proof

Her agency refutes the claims in detail.